Anatoli Egg dye

Anatoli Egg dye

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The envelope includes egg dye for 40 eggs, egg stickers and gloves.
Non toxic product – approved for foodstuff.

  • Wash the eggs well and boil them at low temperature to avoid breaking. Take the boiled eggs out and allow them to reach room temperature.
  • Put 1,5 lt. of lukewarm water (30 degrees Celcius) in a pan, 4 tablespoons of vinegar made from wine, the egg dye and stir vigorously.
  • Place the well-boiled eggs in the pan with the solution you have prepared in a layer and leave them ONLY 3 MINUTES in the dye.
  • Then take them out and allow them to dry very well. You paint the remaining eggs in the same dye as well.
  • Put on the gloves contained in the package and polish the eggs.

Note: 1) In case color passes inside the broken eggs, these may be consumed without fear, because the dye used has been approved for foodstuff (patisserie etc.).

2) In case your hands get dirty from either the dye or the liquid, wash them with plenty of water.