Magnet Box of letters

Magnet Box of letters

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An educational game with 85 plastic magnets of capital and lowercase letters, teaching the child the alphabet and helping them become familiar with writing and reading words. All magnets are placed in a practical bucket with a handle, ideal for easy transportation and storage. Learn to write greek words and read with magnetic letters. Stick your magnets on any magnetic surface, recognize the alphabet and start forming simple but also more complex words, both in lower case and capital letters.

What is AS Magnet Box?

The Magnet Box series uses magnets of different materials, offering children the opportunity to develop their skills while unleashing their imagination. Through playing with Magnet Box, the child practices fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they learn to combine magnets.

The main advantage of the series though is that it helps children develop socially and emotionally, through the enhancement of cooperation and empathy. The series has received the Silver Award in the category "Best Educational Game" at the Toys Awards 2021.